bubclub Basics

Our Mission

To give customers products that combat waste, save people money, and contribute to social good

Who We Are

bubclub is a mission-driven children’s fashion brand focused on creating longer lasting clothing. We are inspired by improving social issues and have empowered our customers to give back by pledging 1% of all profits to charitable causes of their direction. We have identified strategic partners but ultimately where the donation goes is up to our customers!

bubclub is derived from the term of endearment for children, “bubs.” The collective club fits naturally, not only because of the rhyming nature, but also because of our intention in creating a community. We believe all children are bubs and should be part of something fun and playful together.

What We Do

We design and sell clothing that is longer lasting, better fitting, and more comfortable. We aim to reduce retail waste and help families save money by extending the purchasing cycle and utility of our products.

Our initial product, baggy bottoms, is a unique design that makes it easier to dress little ones while providing them a piece of clothing that grows with them over some of their most formative years. We plan to extend this model across a multitude of products to help lessen the financial burden of dressing children and provide them a playful and adorable suite of clothing.



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