Meet the Team

Jacob Brotman

Co-Founder & CEO

Having spent time in New York working in consulting and banking, Jacob returned home to the west coast to get his MBA at USC. While he expected to go back into banking, he got an itch for entrepreneurship and decided to take a gamble on himself.

Being the youngest of 3 boys, Jacob was stuck with hand-me-downs until he was in high school. While he will tell you he loved living under the shadow of his brothers, wearing that shadow was a different story. Holes in shirts and ripped jeans were a regular occurrence - while this style is resurrecting today, believe him when he says this was not “cool” then. Having identified with this issue and learned about the amount of retail waste produced in the world today and its impact on our world, he was looking for a solution. And voilà, bubclub was born!

In his spare time, you can find Jacob roaming around LA seeking out the best beaches and burritos while thinking about his next travel adventure!


Clayton Webb

Co-Founder and Head of Brand & Marketing

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Clayton desired to start her own business. With a background in finance and corporate strategy, she decided to get her MBA at USC to help redirect her skills towards start-ups.

While getting her MBA, Clayton took a class on fashion and sustainability. This built upon her summer internship of impact consulting for start-ups as she investigated what small businesses were doing to reduce retail waste. At this time, Jacob then approached her with an idea he’d been working on regarding sustainable fashion for children. Clayton loved the idea and eagerly joined bubclub!                                            

In her spare time, you can find Clayton hanging out with her adorable German Shepherd, Percy, and cat Icarus!







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