Bubclub Extends Social Reach Further With Orphans International Worldwide Strategic Partnership! 

On May 19, 2020, bubclub extended its social reach even further by adding an additional charitable foundation to its partner lineup. Orphans International Worldwide is an international charity that helps orphaned or abandoned children grow into solid citizens of the world through a sound structure that is simultaneously interfaith, interracial, international, intergenerational, and inter-connected. bubclub will feature OIWW as one of three charity partners from which customers can direct proceeds from their purchase. 

“We are so excited to collaborate with bubclub and their sustainable clothing line for children. Nothing is more important than our kids, and the idea of children (and parents) who ‘have’ helping the children who don’t fills us with great happiness! These clothes, with their limited impact on the environment, have a tremendous impact on children around the world who yearn to grow and play as all children have a right to do. We thank bubclub for their leadership and generosity! bubclub is taking the lead towards social responsibility and making the world a better place” – Jim Luce, Orphans International Worldwide CEO 

“From the onset, Jim and his team were excited about the potential to partner with us. The deep domain expertise his team possesses and the emphasis on ‘raising kids to be Young Global Leaders’ with an interconnected approach - one foot in their own culture and faith, but the other out in the world – made them unique. bubclub is all about challenging the status quo and being unique, so we resonated strongly with their approach.” – Jacob Brotman, bubclub CEO 

About Orphans International Worldwide 

Orphans International Worldwide was founded in 2000 to support orphaned children in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Twenty years later, it has been recognized for its work after the Tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and the earthquake in Haiti. Today, with the motto ‘Raising Global Leaders,’ it continues its life- affirming work from the shores of the Celebes Islands to the Himalayan mounts. 

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