bubclub Announces Strategic Partnership With Love Without Boundaries Foundation!

bubclub Announces Strategic Partnership With Love Without Boundaries Foundation!

On May 13, 2020, Bubclub (“bubclub”), a mission-driven children's fashion brand focused on sustainability and reducing retail waste, agreed to a strategic partnership with Love Without Boundaries Foundation, an international charity that provides hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children, and their underserved communities. bubclub will feature LWB as one of three charity partners from which customers can choose to pledge a portion from their purchase. bubclub’s unique model of empowering customers to choose which foundation partner the pledged portion from their purchase goes to provides an opportunity for increased and more personalized engagement with charitable partners and their social initiatives. 

Love Without Boundaries is excited to partner with bubclub to help vulnerable children receive the hope and healing they need to thrive.  "We’re all about helping rural communities, so we love their model of empowering local women while providing long-lasting children’s clothes.” – Amy Eldridge, Love Without Boundaries, CEO

“We conducted a rigorous search of eligible 501c3 partners and from the onset wanted to partner with a hands-on organization that had a global reach but on a local level and LWB met this criterion. This partnership provides an opportunity for bubclub to align its social mission with a deeply impactful foundation. We are looking forward to seeing how the relationship prospers.” – Jacob Brotman, bubclub CEO

About Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries provides healing, education and refuge to vulnerable children worldwide. Our vision is to provide the most loving and compassionate help possible to orphaned and impoverished children, and to show the world that every child, regardless of his or her needs, deserves to experience love and be treated with dignity and care

About bubclub

bubclub is a sustainable children's fashion brand aimed at reducing retail waste and relieving parents of the hassle of frequently buying their infants and toddlers clothing. Our flagship product, baggy bottoms, has increased elasticity and a looser fit in the seat, allowing for it to be worn for up to 3 years! We are inspired by improving social issues and have empowered our customers to give back by pledging a portion of profits to charitable causes of their direction. 

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Jacob Brotman, CEO, bubclub – jacob@gobubclub.com

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