A Note on Social Justice

The events of the past couple weeks have taken us on an emotional roller-coaster. Once we saw the horrific unjust actions that the police took against George Floyd, we needed time to digest, reflect, educate, and plan how to move forward, not only as individuals but as a budding young company in an industry that can have some of the most lasting impacts on the next generation.

As a company that was founded on the pillars of social and environmental impact, and with a founding team rooted in heritage that experienced oppression, it was never a question in our mind on if, but always how we were going to march forward and do our part in ridding systemic racism and amplifying the voices of our Black communities on our way to a more equitable and just society. We not only have a responsibility to the society we belong to but also to uphold the values of this company and use our platform to continue learning and subsequently educating the next generation in a just and equitable manner.

We understand that this is a dynamic situation and actions will consistently need to be challenged and enhanced, but we wanted to take a step in what we feel is the right direction. We know we aren’t perfect and that the system we were educated in is unjust, so we openly welcome any criticism and critique that the community has for us. We hope this sparks meaningful discussion and a forum for everyone to learn from each other!

In terms of action, as an initial step, bubclub is implementing the following:

  • Expanding our charitable partners to include Teaching Tolerance – an organization with a mission of helping teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy with an emphasis on social justice and anti-bias. They were a natural selection for bubclub because their offerings provide accessibility to all demographics and ages, starting as early as pre-Kindergarten

This decision stems from a Yale Child Study Center in which the study identified that bias actually starts as early as preschool – I encourage you all to watch the shocking video outlining the study. As such, we wanted to empower our customers to be able to donate to this cause as a part of our pledge program to ensure that the appropriate resources are available for teachers to better understand their own biases and how to incorporate what they learn into their teaching techniques as early as preschool. 

  • Committing 15% of our social capital to promoting Black & minority owned businesses. We plan to accomplish this by instituting a “Sunday Spotlight” whereby we will highlight a Black or minority owned business, with an initial focus in our industry. We are still figuring out the extent to which this initiative will form, but we are excited about the prospects of this initiative and the reach it may have.

Staying silent is complicit and it is simply not enough to recognize that change must happen. We must live and breathe the uncomfortable truth of what our system is and take action in hopes of a more just and equitable world moving forward! Join us by being part of the discussion and encouraging one another to act for change!

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